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EXPOART - ukrainian architectural and building firm gives offices concerning design work, building, organization and displaying of exhibitions, exhibit procedures, presentations.

We execute:
- computer designing of exhibitions, exhibits and stands with design mock-up and complete technical development;
- creating of exhibitions and exhibits;
- exhibit stands assembly and leasing of exhibition equipment;
- technical rigging of exhibits;
- art and decorative works;
- design and construction of exclusive stands.

The EXPOART executes orders in short terms from 3 days to 2 months depending on the order complexity. Object execution is ranted against recover rejects. We can present your firm at the exhibition very glamorously. Wide-range, understandable and clear information about products and offices of your firm is a guarantee of the successful business. Our team pays a lot of attention to the solution of all your problems. Your successful advertisement is our successful advertisement.

Extended service

Service offices for the participants of exhibitions:
- organization of customs clearing of cargoes;
- transport Service, booking of rooms in hotel, excursions around town, client invitation to attend stands, organization of advertisement procedures;
- marketing of exhibition, procedures in Ukraine and abroad;
- development of computer presentations, clips and animated tintypes;
- manufacture of non-standard exhibition equipment on individual customer's request;
- assembly of two-storied stands;
- designing of civil buildings of any profile beginning from sketch offers to the development of production documentation in full volume, with all consultations;
- building and assembly jobs.

We shall be glad if you're interested in our information, we shall be always ready to cooperate with you and shall be glad to see you among our customers.